GTA: Cream the last Chance

In a world that is infected with the virus that turns human into zombies, no one is really safe as anyone could be infected. Scientist have found an antidote and people have long been waiting for this cure as the infected could become human again. But, they could only be human again if they are treated by the vaccine. The cure must be kept cold all the time as it might get spoiled in a high heat. You are the one being in charge of the delivery, so you need to take the ice cream truck since it would keep the cure cool all the time.

The idea here is to drive the truck the finish line. That won't be easy, especially since there are zombies everywhere. Don't worry though as your vehicle comes with a gun. Grab some coins as you can use it to purchase some upgrade later. Collect some ice to keep it cold all the time. You can pick additional pill cure while driving. The game would get even harder and much more challenging as you make some progress. Sometimes there would be some cracks on the road and you need to avoid it since that would damage your truck. The game would get even harder, so you really need to upgrade your stats.