GTA: Fugitive Takedown

Crime is rising, but the good thing about that is that there are always someone rising up to the occasion. These guys are putting their lives on the line of duty and they are making sure that these guys would get caught one day. Our sheriff is that guy and he would make sure that these guys are caught no matter how good they are at driving. Criminals know him because he is such a big deal in the crime world as every evil doers are talking about him. They know that he would be after them once they are on the road.

The game is about a sheriff dedicated in capturing criminals on the road. This won't be an easy chase since you would need to get use to the driving method. This is not like any other car games you have played before since the controls are different. You need to get use to it first, before you can master it and get the hang of it. The game gets more difficult as you make some progress, but it would be much more exciting since it would take you to a lot of place.

Are you ready to catch some thieves?