GTA: Gangster Runner

Everyone knew that there must be a specialist in every operation since the mission won't succeed if you don't have a specialist in your group. Now, in the case of gangster, there must be a driver, who knows the ins and out of the road since he is the only one that the gangster can count on when they are being chased by the cops. With this guy around, the cops won't be able to get them since they can easily lose them. Since you are the best driver in the group, you have been assigned in the wheels.

In this game, you are part of a gangster and you are assigned to drive the wheels. You need to move in and out of the area as quick as possible since you would be busted if you are not quick to get out of the area. Once, that your pals got the money then they would be depending on you a lot since you hold the wheels and it would be your job to get out of the area as fast as possible. The cops would be chasing you, so you need to drive as fast, but as smoothly as you can to get away.