GTA: Hot Rods 3D

You are a race car driver and you have taken some part in m any different races, which mean that you are a veteran, but being a veteran racer doesn't really mean that you are better that everyone else since all of the racers are doing their best. It just mean that you know something that most newbie don't know and you can take advantage of that. This year's race won't be a problem for you if you can beat the rest of the participants, but that won't be easy since like you, they have prepared for it all year long. They have been driving like crazy with their cars and practicing all year round, waiting just for this day.

The idea here is to win the race, but that won't be easy since the road won't make things easy. Aside from that, there are some oil spill, which would make things even harder for you. But, there is also the good side since there is a booster track that would speed things up for you. You need to get on that track to get its effect. You need to cross the line three times to finish each level.