GTA: Supermarket Parking

The city is always busy and you can bet on it that it would be hard for anyone to find an open area to park your car. As such you would find it hard to find an open space in the supermarket. If you manage to find one then you need to get to it as fast as you can since it would be taken soon. Your family went to the supermarket to buy some needs, but they notice that most of the parking area are taken. You ask the attendant if there was an open space and he tells you that there is an available space. However, the problem is that it is too far away and you need to drive all the way to that space.

In this game, you need to park your car as fast as you can since there is a time limit. However, that won't be easy since the parking area is much too far and there are lot of vehicles along the way. Some of them are moving and they are dangerous since you can't afford a single bump on your car. One bump is all it takes for the game to end.