GTA: Warzone Getaway 2

Your country is at war and the opposing countries would not hesitate to use all of its forces to stop the leader of your country from getting away. Of course, all of this won't happen if your leader never left the country. Well, all is done now and there is nothing that can be accomplished by crying over spoiled milk. Now, that your leader is on his way home, the opposing troops are coming his way and want to make sure that he doesn't home safely. For now, your country is paralyzed and they can’t do something.

Fortunately, your country is able to hire some special forces to back up the van. With these guys, your chances of getting to the boarder would greatly increase. However, they are paid buy your country and it would take awhile before the fund would be ready, so you can’t always expect them to arrive to help you. You can only depend on the outside gunman most of the time. If you got enough money then you can hire additional gunman on the truck to increase your chances of escaping. Also, you can mount some special weapon on the rooftop to increase your firepower.

In this game, the idea is to escape the allied forces. You would provide all the firepower. You gain money when you destroy some vehicles of the enemy. You can either use the money to buy some upgrade, repair your truck, hire gunmen, or some extras to help you with protecting the van. The game would get even harder and more challenging as you make some progress, so it is advisable to buy a buy a better gun as you earn money. Of course, don’t forget to use the specials since it would make your job a lot easier, but there is a waiting time before you can use it.