Halloween Pumpkin Delivery

Halloween is just around the corner and you can bet on it that all the monsters would come out to feast on the human. This is their day and if you are not going to hide in your home then you would be on of the unlucky ones, who gets eaten by these monsters. If you don't get eaten then you would be decapitated by the most popular monsters in Halloween, Jack. He would roam the Earth every Halloween and make sure that he would get someone's head. It would be a good replacement for his long lost head.

Then again, those are just legends and if you are not going to enjoy it then you would lose out of the fun. Kids like to go out since this is the time that they would get their basket full of candies. That is the real deal with Halloween. In your case, it is all business since you need to deliver some pumpkins to your clients since those pumpkins would be the main attraction. Not being able to deliver those pumpkins would mean losing some revenue on your part. If you don't get some money then you won't be having a jolly Halloween this season.

In this game, the idea is simple as you just need to deliver some of the pumpkins to a new place as fast as you can. Ok, there is a timer that you need to beat and if you can't deliver it on time then the game would end in an instant. Of course, You can start it over again. Then again, if you an beat the time, then you would be able to know that the game would get even harder and more difficult than it is now. That is how you play the game.