Halloween Truck

Halloween is the time when all the ghouls and host are coming out so most people like to stay at home. They fear these creatures might be out to get them. But, that was a long time ago and people nowadays just celebrated the festivities by wearing crazy masks. The children are are the ones that like to wear these mask and try to scare the hell out of the adults if they are not going to be given some candies. But, that won't mean that business will stop just because of the Halloween season. Business will still continue as such. You need to collect all the pumpkins on the road to deliver them to its destination.

Drive your truck as fast as possible till you reach the finish line. Grab those pumpkin heads as it means added points to you. If you manage to miss a single pumpkin on your way to the finish line. You could always go back and grab it. The game has no time limit so you can take all the time in the world. What matters here is that you are able to arrive to the finish line safe and sound, which means that your truck should not explode.