Heavy Equipment Racing

You have been driving a truck for so long, but you haven't heard of someone driving their truck like a normal car. As if, that is not unusual enough, these guys are using their truck in a race. For you, it was exciting since these guys are good at what they do. You do want to know your driving level compared to these guys as you are pretty good at driving trucks too. So far, so good that you are able to pass the initial test and went on to the actual race. You do know that this won't be easy since you are not only going to drive a truck on a race, but you are also going against some of the veterans that has been doing this kind of race for years.

Choose which truck you are going to use in the race. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you are going to be the first one to cross the line or else, you would lose the race. Collect the essentials in the game as that would help you win the game. Don't forget to use the booster, whenever you have it as you would need to win the race.