Heavy Load Truck Parking

Parking is not easy and you should know that before you buy yourself a vehicle. If you see some people parking their car with no worries then you are seeing just half the truth. The truth is that, they are worried that they might hit something or someone while they are maneuvering their truck to the parking space. That is how hard parking is and if you are not scared at all then you should not have a vehicle. Now, trucks are much bigger, so it means that they are much dangerous than a car. Aside from its big body, it also carries a trailer with it, making it even more hard to maneuver.

Drive your truck and try to maneuver it all the way to the parking space. Sounds easy, but that is not true since you need to ensure that you won't hit anything like in the real world. This game is an almost exact replica of how driving a truck could be. If you are very confident then the chance of you hitting something is higher. This game doesn't have a time limit like in most truck games, instead, it is replace with fuels you need to save. The faster it is you manage to park your truck, means more money for you.