Heavy Loader 2

In every good, there is the bad side of everything. Needless to say, that innovation has its price. As we rely more on technology, we also produce lots of toxic waste. Toxic waste are bad for us, so companies dump it in the ground or a river to get rid of it. While it is true, that is might cause other danger, we won't be discussing that here since this game is concern more in transporting those waste to a dump site.

The game starts with a tutorial, where the game teaches you all about you need to know to play the game effectively. Use the crane to pick-up the toxic waste. Put the toxic waste at the back of the truck. Drive the truck and stop before going to the hole. Control the other crane and lift the heavy bar to be put on the hole. Drive your truck across and stop after you are off the heavy bar. Use the crane to lift the bar then you can use the truck once more. Put the toxic waste on the hole and drive your truck forward. These instructions are simple, yet you can't go on without this since you might do something wrong.