Heavy Machines in Action

You are the owner of the heavy machines and your way of income is when someone hires you to something. Of course, this line of work is in the construction business and you do realize that in this line of work, you don't get paid for nothing. You need to operate the machines and do some heavy task for your customer. Luckily for you, you found someone, who are in need of your service. You are able to close the deal and now the work is about to commence.

The first level requires you to drive the truck as fast as you can. You would need to deliver the heavy equipment to the place of your work and the only way for that is through a truck with a trailer connected at the back side. You would need to make sure that you can deliver the crane to the site. After that, the heavy lifting will proceed as you will use the crane to pull some trees out of the ground. You will need to load them up to the truck after that. This game has no time limit, but your score will surely benefit from a fast turnaround.