Heavy Machines

There are many jobs in the construction site that no one gets to sit tight and relax. If you do that, then you probably are out of the job. The construction company owner seems to have lots of job and this means that he would need lots of construction materials. He ask the driver to get some wood cut out for him, so it could be use in constructing building. The driver knew where to go as he have been doing this for several years now. He got straight to the forest along with the heavy machine that he would be using. At the forest, he cut three of the biggest trees that he could find. He carefully loaded it at the back of the truck, so there won't be an accident.

In this game, you need to go to the forest with the truck and other heavy machines. The heavy machine is mounted at the back of the truck. Try to balance it at all times, so it won't fell out at the back of the truck. Cut some trees and put it at the back of the truck. Try to cut and put it at the back as fast as you can since this game has a timer.