Heavy Trailers

A truck driver needs to undergo several test before he is given the license since the vehicle he is driving is one of the largest vehicles on the road. The company needs to make sure that he isn't some psychopath or he can handle the stress on the road. Also, since the truck is very big, a driver would have a hard time maneuvering the truck, so the company needs the best to assure them that nothing will happen to their trucks and cargoes.

But, in this game, nothing will prepare a driver for driving a trailers that has two trailers attached to it. Having one trailer attach to a truck is dangerous enough since the trailer would hit the truck. The idea here is to keep the distance between the truck and the trailers. This game has a time limit, so try to make it to the destination as fast as possible. Make sure that you won't lose any of the cargoes, but should you lose some, just remember that you can get to the next level by transporting the required number of cargoes to the destination safely. Always practice driving with safety precaution and this is also applicable to a game.