Heavy Wheels on Snow

The snow has been pouring for more than a month now and everywhere you go, you can see snow. It is almost impossible to drive any automobile, but if you have a monster truck then it would be possible since those trucks are made for rough times and environment. But, it doesn't ensure that you would be safe since the environment is so top. you need to be a tough notch diver if ever you want to drive your truck on a heavy snow. Not only, that it would be slippery, but the road would be filled of other vehicles, making it almost impossible for a common automobile to pass by since the the road ahead is block.

In this game, you need to a good driver to make it far. You would not be only driving on a snow covered driveway as there would be lots of debris, but that is not the danger there. The road is not yet finished and there is always a danger of falling into those unfinished road. You need to earn money to be able to buy some fuels and upgrade your truck. You can pick up the money on the road while driving.