Heavy Wheels

Every vehicle has a pros and cons. There are no vehicle that would be perfect for everything. If you find a vehicle perfect for your usage then you should get that vehicle since you can't expect every vehicle performing that well on what you want to use it for. As such, you can't expect a truck doing well in rough condition especially when that terrain would be perfect for a monster truck. Such heavy wheel is the only one that is capable of such terrain since a normal truck would get damage by the terrain. Besides a normal truck would be carrying a load, therefore, there would be a high chance that it would lose almost its cargo.

As such, if you want to perform some stunts you need to use a monster truck since other trucks can't do that well for stunts. A normal truck might have big wheels, but the other features would be unfit for stunts. Besides a monster truck is named that way since they are meant for destruction and not the other way around. If you just want to deliver some cargoes then go buy a normal truck since a monster truck would be too much for that and might cause come road accidents if you are going to use it for delivery.

In this game, you need to reach the finish line as fast as you can. Drive the monster truck as fast as you can, but there are times that you would need a boost. Honestly, the road ahead would have lots of pitfall and the only way that you can go through is with using a booster. You need to buy some booster at the start of the game since that is a requisite for the game. You can pick up some money along the way and you can use it to buy other upgrades for the truck to increase its performance.