Heels n Wheels

A group of girls decided to have a joy ride. For them, more girls means more fun thus they are picking up any girl that would want to take a hitchhike with them. They don't know where they want to go, but this is sure fun for them as they will be going to uncertainly and have fun while driving their van. This might look foolish for some people, but hey, this is what they want and they just want to release some stress. A joy ride is a great hobby for most vehicle owner since they would see something new, thus, they would forget about their problem. Well, at least for a short time, but, that is enough to continue with their daily lives.

The van drives by itself so all you need is to steer it to the left or right. Try to grab all the coins on the road as they mean more points for you. If you see some girls in need of a hitchhike then let them in so you can have more points. Stay away from those tree trunks, wet road, and rocks on the road because they will slow you down. You need to reach a checkpoint before your time runs out.