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Highway Pursuit 2

The bank was almost successful as you and your group are out of the boarders. Well, at least, that is what you and your gang thought, but the cops have radioed the situation and now the boarder police are after you. Your not safe after all and you still need to defend the van. Once again, your shooting skill is needed and your friends will have to rely on you to protect them. You might thought that the boarder police are soft, but wait till they bring int he heavy artillery. You just wait and see.

This is the second installation of the game with the same name. It is your duty to protect the van and none of them comes close. However, that won't be easy since there are lots of cop that are after the van. You need to protect the van at all cost, so try to buy some new weapon or hire someone to protect it. You make money every time you kill someone. The first few levels will be easy, but as you make some progress it will become harder and harder. You need to prioritize what you need in this game. Anyway, you still keep the guns you already own, once you restarted the game.