Highway Zombies Game

No one really knows where hey came from since they eat everybody on sight. Everyone is busy running from them. Most people would not even want something to do with them. They are the walking dead and they would eat you if they catch you. If you are in your vehicle then it would be wise not leave it since you have a better chance of living. Now is not the time to show-up for your girlfriend or something since this is the time for self-preservation or your survival. Your survival would come along way in times like this. Most people would stay in the city since there are lots of stuff that they can loot. However, it would be safer where there are less people since the number of zombies there would be of minimal.

Of course, that would be the best option for you, but, for some reason you choose to stay in the city and drive your monster truck around. You still hope that you would find other survivors there, but each day that passes, your chances is dwindling. Zombies are everywhere and they are eating everyone on sight. If they can break through your truck then they would eat you.

In this game, the idea is to drive as long as you can. I mean, you can since there are two facts that could stop your journey. First one is the gas and the second is the your truck. Thankfully, you can find both on the road. You just need to pick them up, but that won't be easy. Its not about the zombies since that won't bother you too much. If what you need is on the other side then you probably won't be able to get it. Grab as many items that you can found on the road since that would really help you.