Hill Madness

Driving your wheels on a mountain ride might sound exciting, but don't forget the word danger when driving there, because that is something that you need to realize if you were to drive your wheels on a mountain. It is not safe and you should not be bragging about that since that would put your life in danger. If you manage to escape then don't think that it would be easier for you the next time around that you drive your wheels on the mountain. You might be lucky now, but your luck would run out soon.

Actually, in a game, you can do anything at all that seems to be impossible in the real world. That is why, such games are popular because the gamer knows that he can never do that in the real world. The idea in this game is just like any truck games as you would need to reach the finish line as soon as you can. However, that won’t be easy especially with all the steep hills surrounding the place. Take note, that it won’t be easy as there are lots of these hills and getting your truck to pass a single hill won’t be that easy.