Ice Age Rampage

The Ice Age has started and man has been able to live through it. They say that man is the greatest animal that have lived in the place of the planet since it can adapt to any situation. When the Ice Age started, man is able to adapt to its new surrounding by using the snow in almost everything that they do. Their house and vehicles are now made out of snow. And you can imagine how intellectual mankind are since they can used snow to their daily living. Metals can’t be used anymore since there are rusting because of the snow.

Drive your truck as fast as you can and try to beat the time to get over the place where a beast is wrecking havoc. Getting there won’t be easy since the road is covered with snow, so you can expect that it will be slippery. There are also other vehicles blocking your way. On top of that, the road ahead is carved from the mountains so it will be much difficult to navigate around if you are in a hurry. When you get to the beast you need to fire ice balls at it. A direct hit won’t be enough so you need to fire at the snow above it and cover the beast in snow.