Ice Cold Chase

If you have been driving for quite some time now then you already know that driving is not that easy. There would be times that we would have an accident, but your driving skills can help you get out of that situation. Though, it is not guaranteed, that would lessen the times that you would have an accident on the road. Another way to stay out of trouble is to follow the traffic rules since it is made to help the driver to get to their destination safely. You can't expect to get to where you are if you are careless in the road. Remember that there are other vehicles on the road and all of them won't want to have an accident.

This game is a car race and you do understand that you need to drive fast, but also be safe while driving it. You can win by means of crossing the line first in line, but you can also destroy the other cars to win the game. The game won't be easy since you would need to compete with the cars on the race. It means that you need to get ahead of the rest and that won't be easy if you are not that good of a driver.