Ice Road Truckers 2

A job is something that you can't live without since you would need the money in almost everything. Unless, you live in the mountain by yourself, you would need to get a job at some point in your life. You can't always depend upon your parents for everything that you need. They would eventually get old and die. You would need to learn how to live on your own. Fortunately, you know how to drive a truck, so you got hired by a company as their own truck drivers. The job id kind of hard since you would need to drive the truck in a snowy road. The road is slippery, but you can't make that excuse saying that it is slippery, that is why; you can't deliver.

Remember, that everyone is competing for a job these days and they would be gladly to take over your job. If the employer don't think that your work is satisfactory then they would get rid of you and look for someone else. You aren't the only one that can drive the truck, there are a lot of others that can do that. You need to prove that you can do the job to keep it.

In this game, you need to drive the truck up to the finish line. There would be other trucks on the road and you need to avoid them, so that your truck won't be damaged. Aside from the trucks, there would be large bison in the area that would be minding their own business. You need to avoid them both and grab as many cash on the road. You may use the cash for buying some upgrades and for repairing your truck. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. Try to avoid collision since that would damage the truck. When your truck can't take it anymore then the game is over.