Ice Road Truckers Hidden Letters

If you got a job, you need to be thankful even if it is not one of the best jobs in the market. What is important is that you have a job and that job would provide for you in the long tun. If you didn’t finish college, you can’t expect to find a great job that would pay you good. And since you didn’t’ finish college, you are left to one of those jobs. You have a hard time finding a job since you don’t’ have some connections, but you got lucky one day that a friend of yours was able to help you get a job as a truck driver.

The job is not that great since you need to get outside three times a week, but the pay is good and you need it to support your family. And now that your son is in college, you need to hold on to that job. You can’t afford to lose it especially, you are the only one in your family that have a job. A truck driver is a decent job and it pays well. The job is that you need to transport some items to their destination. Making sure that those goods won’t be damage is part of the job and that would be easy if you are always playing it safe on eh road.

In this game, you won’t be driving a truck. Instead, you would need to find the missing letters. The game is played with a mouse and you need to find them fast since there is a timer, but you do have the option to remove it if that is too hard for you. You only have several mistakes and when all of them are used up, you lose the game.