Indestructo Truck 2

The world is at war and it seems that nothing more is important than beating the other country in a war. The other countries have sent lots of planes in the battle field, but your country have only sent a truck. Your country is poor and they can't afford to spend lots of money in the war. Fortunately, your country is home to some of the best scientists in the world. These scientists know what is need to be done and they are up to the task. They have created the indestructo truck and by no means, this truck is indestructible, but don't have any ammo on its body. It uses its indestructible body as its weapon.

This is a non-stop game, wherein you need to destroy as much enemies as you can before your fuel is depleted. The amount of fuel depends upon the difficulty of the game. The idea is to catch the bomb of the enemy, which will send your truck up in the air. Using your leverage, you need to land on the enemy vehicles then you will be go higher and higher. The fuel will deplete in the game, but it will replenish if you are able to destroy the require enemy. You can use your experience points to buy more enemies. Your enemy level is only limited to 10 so you need to buy different enemy vehicles.