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Industrial Truck Racing 2

Trucks are use to transport things to another destination. You can't find any other use since its bulky body makes it hard to maneuver. The chances of an accident occurring is higher compared to other vehicles on the road. if you are not use to seeing these trucks then you might get scared since it is really massive. An industrial truck carries a trailer along, so the danger would be twice of that of a normal truck. Fortunately, getting a license for these massive trucks are harder than any other vehicles, which means that those that has a license are probably experts at what they are doing. However, these guys won't dare to drive their trucks on a racing event for obvious reason.

The only time that you would see a truck being driven in a race is on a game. There, these massive vehicles won't be able to destroy anything or injure someone in real life. In this game, there are many challenges in each level. One of those is the race, wherein you need to win it. You need to do some drifting to do that since there are lots of turns in any race. Like any game, you would find out that it become harder as you make some progress.