Industrial Truck Racing

Do you wonder why you don't see a truck being use on a race?

The answer is simple; they are just too big on the racetrack. Besides, those people, who likes to pay for a close seat would be scared to watch it close and personal for safety reason. The sponsor wouldn't earn from that kind of racing. That would be a lost for the sponsor and no sponsor would be stupid enough to lose a money for obvious reason. And even, those racer, who have been identified as daredevil would not dare to use a truck for a race since it is too hard to maneuver. In a race, it is vital that you can maneuver the vehicle really well and that is something that you can't do on a industrial truck. There is a high chance that you won't see anything like that in the real world.

Fortunately, the gaming world makes all thing possible and this is just one of them. Drive your truck as fast as you can till you win the race. There are other trucks competing in the race and you don't want to end up in the last position.

It's every truck for himself!!!