Insane Truckers

Action and adventure is what awaits you in this challenge! Prepared for racing big jeeps? But be careful because the scenarios are full of obstacles and mines! It will not be easy, but you'll have to win every race at every stage, to make money and keep improving your vehicle! Think you can? A mad rush of super jeeps on tracks filled with jumps and obstacles, win the race!

In this spectacular racing tournament you can drive a truck full of circuit-mines, if not to take care, you will take turns. Arrives first goal to overcome all obstacles and jumps and you will get points for new vehicles.

Start with a simple vehicle, bet on races in scenarios full of landmines and beat each to earn enough money to buy other

vehicles or more powerful engines. Participate in a race with Monster Trucks availing all, a land full of mines "Insane Truckers".

"Insane Truckers" is played with the arrow keys. Accelerate with the "up arrow" and use the brake with the "down arrow".

Win races to invest in your vehicle or buy a new one.