Italy Race

If you are going to ask most people about their dream. It will be to travel the world, but sadly , only a handful of people gets to fulfill that dream because traveling the world is much too expensive for an average guy. In fact, only those rich people can do that such as a president of a company or those in the entertainment industry for a long time. They have work for it for so long that their money are now vast and they only need a fraction of their wealth to travel. In their travels, you can be sure that part of their travel is Italy since the place is known for its romanticism. They are also know for their pasta, but only a handful of people know about their great race.

Don't worry , because in this game, you are going to experience how it is to participate in a race since you are among the participants and you will be driving a van. Drive the van as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try to balance it at all times because the mountain path makes it easy for you to crash.