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JCB Truck Rally

Get around the truck in the shortest time.
Game controls:
Up Arrow Key - Accelerate.Left / Right Arrow Keys - Turn.Down Arrow Key - Brake / Reverse.

Start your engine and be one of the few racers, who want to challenge the world. Of course, that would be great, but doing that is another is another story. In your case, that would be a long run since you are just starting out and it is hard for someone to compete in such competition. You could always compete in any race, but you can’t expect to win. If you are just looking for an experience then you can do so, no one is going to stop you. The race is something that only the best could enjoy and you can’t be there unless, you have gone through lots of hardships.

At least, you have a dream and that is all that matters. Having a great start since you would be working on it, and someday you might get your dream. Anyway, since you want to be a race, you know that you need to work for it and that is what you does every day. After months of wondering, you manage to get a sponsor. He lends you a truck that you could use, but he needs you to win the race. Your back is against the wall and you have no choice, but to win the race.

This is a racing game, but this is not like any racing game, wherein you would use a car to join. In here, you would use a truck. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. There are no time limits in this game, you just need to cross the finish line. The road ahead is full of obstacles, which might slow you down, but that is the challenge that you must face head on. If you have played this game before, do you think that you can beat your best time?