Jeep in the Jungle

What would you have done to get to your destination if your vehicle runs out of fuel?

That could be troublesome for many since they won’t’ know what to do. Luckily, this soldier guy got an idea when it comes to vehicles. Of course, you can ask some people to help you push the vehicle to its destination, but when it come to the jungle, there is no way that you could find anyone to help you out, providing that there is a nearby gasoline station inside the jungle. Yes, there aren’t any gasoline station in the forest and there is little chance that you would find anyone willing to push your vehicle all the way to the civilization.

Fortunately, you’re an ex-military soldier and got lots of grenade on hand. You could just use it since they are just stocks from your past life. Right, now, you have no use for them and this is a perfect opportunity to use them. You would need to use the explosives to get an inch to your destination. Let’s just hope that your truck is durable enough to handle the explosion. It would be a long trip ahead since you are just using the momentum of the explosion to get to where you want to be.

This game is only played with a keyboard. The idea here is to get to your destination on time, but the challenge is how you could do that providing that you could only use explosives for your truck to move. You need to get all the stars in a level before you would go to the finish line. However, the stars are placed in places wherein you can’t reach it by foot. You need to use the power of explosives to be able to get the stars, avoid the monsters and get to the finish line on time.