Jeep Racer

Racing is all about speed and that is a fat that most racing game carries with them. But, some racing game are incorporating other things into their game. In this game, racing is not all about speed as you need to consider balance and momentum to get to where you want to be. Those obstacles are simply out of this world and it is impossible to see one in the real world. Preparing for such a race track will be next to impossible simply because they are that hard, thus, getting over them will be impossible if this is not a game. Luckily for us that this is just a game.

Drive your truck as fast as possible and get the momentum going on early in the race. You will need that momentum to get over the obstacles on the race track. Most of the obstacles in this game are simply out of this world, thus passing them would be next to impossible. The best way to pass the obstacles is to build on that momentum and use it to your advantage. If you are going to slow down then, there will be no way to finish the race.