Jeepney on the Road

In some parts of the world, there are king and queens that rule their land, but most of the country today are headed by the prime minister or the president. Whatever they call their ruler, it only means that these guys are the ones that rule their country. In the Philippines, there are rulers other than the president. These aren't people and they only rule the road. These vehicles run on the road like they own the road and they are considered the king of the road - Jeepney. They are considered the king of the road because of the way most jeepney drivers drive their vehicle on the road. They drive their jeepney like they own the road.

Drive your jeepney as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. There are no rules since the jeepney is the king of the road, but there are still consequences if you are not going to follow some rules. Collect some money to be used for upgrade later. Collect some fuel so you can go on with your joy ride. Get those tired to have your Jeepney repaired. Always stay on the right lane so you won't have any accident.