Jelly Truck

Trucks are made out of metal. The engineering of this vehicle is designed to carry huge objects that need to be transported. Its heavy and strong body makes it possible to carry huge items. It got a huge motor that enable it to run fast even if it carries a huge load. Most vehicle would stay away from it since car owners knew that their car won't stand a chance if it crashes against a truck. A truck license is one of the last license that you can get since licensing officials need to know if they can trust you enough on the road.

This game has a different version of truck as the composition is different to that of a real truck. The truck is made out of jelly. Drive your truck as fast as you want. The only important thing here is that you are able to get to the finish line at all. However, that will be impossible with all the obstacles in the area that are made out of jelly. The game doesn't have any timer. The game gets harder as you progress, but you will find it more exciting since there will be something new for you as you progress further.