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JFK Airport Parking

Everyone knows that finding a job these days isn’t easy since there are lots of people looking for a job. You might be lucky if you got hired. Do remember that you are not the best if you got hired. It has something to do with your luck as not everyone would have the opportunity given to you. You need to make sure that you can keep the job a little longer. You might encounter some problem at your job, but always remember your family and try to keep your head cool down. Being too aggressive might result for you to lose your job. That is not something that you might not like since you are supporting your family.

After a long time, you finally got at an airport firm. Your task is to drive the trucks inside the airport, but you do need to remember to take care of them to make sure that your boss wouldn’t be tempted to fire you. Remember that it takes long before you can find this job and you could lose it easily if you are not able to do your job. Your job is to transport people to their destination since that is part of the airport service tote people. Make sure that no accident would happen or you would surely get fired. Left alone, that you won’t get sued by the people riding on your vehicle.

In this game, the idea is to deliver the people to their destination. Take note that there is timer in this game, and you do need to get to the parking area for those people to get outside. Remember to drive with care in mind as no one on their right mind would want an accident. That is the same case with this game.