Jungle Patrol

We all know that a school must be place in a safe place, but in a country full of land mines, where is the safest place for a school?

There is no safe place for a school, but they make sure that the road will be safe for their school buses by hiring a specialist to dispose of the bomb before the bus even gets closer to it.

You are the bomb specialist and it is your job to dispose of the bomb. You need to get near the bomb before you can deactivate it, but not to near since it will explode upon contact. The school bus needs to reach the school safely so that the students may learn in the school. The game is played via keyboard and your objective is to dispose the bomb so that the student can go to their school without any worries. There is a tribesman that is wondering around the perimeter that might delay you, but he isn't a bad guy. However, you should avoid him because every second is needed in this game if you want to save the bus from the bombs. The bonus will be gone if you didn't hurry.