Jurassic Cargo

The Jurassic period is the era in which the great lizards roam supreme over the land. Nothing can challenge them since they are the apex predator during those times. However, when man came, even the terrible lizards become part of a menu. In those times, there were no more apex predator as both specie can become food for the other. Dinosaurs use their might, and size against their enemies, but there is one thing that these lizards don't have and that is where mankind rely. Using the power of the mind, mankind has created tools for almost everything and this become their great weapon against all the other animals during that era. Soon, they were collecting some eggs for food.

The idea here is to safely deliver the cargoes to its destination. You would be driving a trucks which has 2 trailers attached to it. Drive as fast, but as safely as you can till you reach the finish line. Try not to lose any eggs, but do continue if you lose eggs as you can't do anything about the fallen cargoes anymore. You need to meet the minimum cargoes before you can advance to the next level.