Jurassic Drive

The world is as mysterious as could be. Even though, we are living in the age of technology, there are something in this world that even scientists can't explain. There are have been reports that some people went on missing and no one can't find them. Some says that those people just vanish in front of them and there are no clues on where they went. They mystery remains unsolved up to this day, but it might not remained unsolved as the same case happened to you. You Fell asleep and you wake up, you ended in the cretaceous period, a time where all the dinosaurs were the rulers of the world. This is where all the missing people ended up. The vehicles were stranded since there are no gases in this era. You know that you need to escape and you need to do it fast before you are left without gas. That is not even the worst part as you might end up in the belly of one of those dinosaurs.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. If you see some eggs and other vehicles. Just drive your truck through them as you will get more points if you crash those objects. At first, there won't be any dinosaur that is chasing you, but as you progress in the game then things gets more complicated as a dinosaur will be chasing you to eat you.