Jurassic Hunter Game

Dinosaurs are extinct and they can't be brought to life. Well, at least, that is what we all think. However, a group of paleontologist just discovered a secluded place where dinosaurs could still exist. The area is an island, where lots of extinct plants are there. Experts that there are dinosaurs there since the ancient plants exist. It is a great habitat for extinct animals. No one has ever found them yet, but they are there and thus, a group of explorers are sent to the area, so that they could find some clues on the dinosaurs or maybe even captured one.

As the group explore the area, they found out that living dinosaurs are still there. They are not hiding since they are of great sizes. It is difficult not to spot them, it is just the drones that were sent there wasn't able to spot them. Experts know that this is a great find and that many would benefit from it, so they sent an entire team to learn more about these great lizards. The dinosaurs were hostiles as they see us as foods. The experts has no choice, but to kill anything that would want to eat them.

In this game, you are not going to hunt or kill something. If you manage to kill something then it won't be intentional. This is a driving game and the idea here is to get to the finish line. Well, at least, you would get closer to your destination. Pick some gas along the way, so you can explore the area further. Stars would help your boosts on and the coins for buying upgrades. The area where you are in will be updated as you explore the area. The game would be even more exciting as you make some progress.