Just Park it 2

Parking is not easy even if you are just doing it for a car. You need to master it first before you should attempt to drive any vehicle since you can either end up in jail, hospital or the cemetery. A lot of you might think that they are really good, but one mistake is all it needs to send you to anyone of the three aforementioned. Once, you are in one of those three then that is the only time that you can think of your mistake. You would wish that you should have taken more time in practicing your parking skills. Now, the danger in parking is more when it comes to truck since its big body is a hindrance when it comes to maneuvering. Besides, the driver can't see everything that is near the truck. That is why; there are porter that tells them if there are people or things near the truck.

Like the title of the game suggest, you just need to park your truck plain and simple, but doing it is harder than saying it. Don't worry about finding the parking space since an arrow will be your guide. maneuver your truck to the parking space. After successfully parking your truck, you would need to do it again all over till the game allows you to proceed to the next level.