Just park It 5

We all know that parking is a skill and those who tend to take practice for granted often regret it later. Practice is important in anything that we want to master and this is also applicable when it comes to parking the truck. The truck is bigger than most vehicle, but that doesn't stop there as most of the time, it includes a trailer that is attached to it. This makes parking even more harder as you need to maneuver the massive truck to the parking slot. The trailer won't be easy to maneuver at all since it is just attached to the truck.

The game has a time limit, so try to hurry up and park your truck at the right place. Maneuver your truck to the parking slot and try not to damage it while driving. That might pose quite a challenge, but we all know how important not to damage the vehicle. Each level has three parking slot and the next parking slot will only be revealed once you parked the truck on the preceding parking slot. The game will be harder as you make some progress and you will easily noticed it.

Want to prove your parking skills?