Just Park It 7

Parking is a skill that must be developed and the only way that you can develop a skill is through continuous practice. Any skill that hasn't been practice for a while gets forgotten and that is also applicable to parking. If you think that you are good enough as you can park your car with ease then you have not tried driving a truck before. Trucks are among the largest vehicles that you can see on the road. Maneuvering such vehicles are difficult because of their sheer size. Aside from that, most trucks have a trailer that is attached to it, making it even harder to maneuver.

Your goal is nothing less than to park the truck successfully, but doing it is different from just saying it. Follow the arrows, for it leads you to the parking space. Maneuver your truck in difficult spots. Upon reaching the parking space, you need to park your truck carefully, according to the direction. After parking, the next location would be revealed and you need to maneuver your truck there to park it once again. There are 10 levels in the game and you need to conquer 30 parking space.

its time to park your truck!!!