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Just Park it 8

Driving an eight-wheeler truck is no joke as you would have troubles with your trailer. As if the truck itself isn't big enough to gets maneuvered. The trailer is like makes it harder for anyone to control the movement of the truck. Not only, you need to worry about the truck itself, but the trailer is hard to predict and usually, you need to try and try again since it is harder to place in the right direction. Now, with all these given information, do you think that you can park a truck easily?

In this game, that is what you need to do. Playing this game makes you realize how hard it is to maneuver a vehicle. Well, a truck for this example, one mistake in the real world then you would cause a lot of accident. You can imagine how scary this is for the other vehicles near you. They are the ones that will suffer the consequences from your mistakes.

Maneuver your car into the destination. Upon reaching the destination, you need to park the truck right. There is a timer in this game, but that is for records only and is not that important.