Just Park It 9

Parking is a skill and like any skill you need to practice it often in order to master it. Honing a skill can never be rush since it is based on the individual's capability to learn new things. Everybody has their own capability and it would be foolish to compare one person to another with the skills they have. And it should not be done since it makes the other guy feel uncomfortable. That is called harassment and you can be punish by the law for harassing someone. That is why; companies like to hire someone, who has the experience, especially when hiring truck drivers as trucks are among the hardest to maneuver on the road. In fact, some truck drivers still get an accident even if they are professional.

Drive your truck as fast as you can and try to maneuver your way on the road. Also make sure that you won't hit anything on the road since that would damage your truck. When your truck can't take it anymore then it would crash. In this game, you would need to park your truck twice before you can proceed to the next level. After parking your truck at the parking slot, another parking slot will appear and you will be guided by an arrow sign.