We all focus on how to drive a truck that we somehow forget about another aspect of a trucking business. Stacking is another important matters that we should look into if we want to engage in the world of the trucking business. How well you place those cargoes at the back of the truck will really help you in the long run because you won't lose those cargoes if its properly place. Those cargoes will be the sole income earners for the trucking business, so you really need to take care of those cargoes. if you can't do that, then you would lose your clients and your business will be bankrupt.

You won't be controlling the truck in this game since it will just stay put and wait for the cargoes to be loaded at the back. This game is about how to properly place the cargoes at the back of the truck. Don't let the cargoes fall out at the back of the truck. The cargoes will be needed to stack pretty well so the truck could accommodate more. You are only allowed five cargoes to lose. After that, there won't be any game to play.