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KIller Trucks 2

Thugs are everywhere and the police are having a hard time reprimanding them all. It seems that these criminals doesn't fear the police and would just laugh every time they see a cop as if they were just a clown hanging along the way. The police are tired and envious on how these criminals treat them. They requested a vehicle that could outrun all the criminals on the road. They were fortunate enough that the government give them a monster truck. They know that this truck should bear the symbol of the police. Now, the thugs have something to fear while they are on the road.

Choose a truck that would fit your need. Drive your truck as fast as you can, as though, it is the last thing that you should do in this world. Make sure that you hit those thugs that you see on the road. Try to destroy other things that will block your way. Sometimes there will be other vehicles that will block your way and like any other thing that blocks the road, you crash it. Try to reach the checkpoint, so you won't need to start at the beginning if you crash.