KIller Trucks

Police must save and protect the people to their very best, but when they need to kill other people in order to protect the important ones then you can expect them to deliver the orders given to them. They might not like it, but when their lives are in danger they need to take lives. Most of the time, they use guns, but there are times when they need to use a vehicle to do it. This happen when their driving the vehicle and they need to react quickly or they would die. It is very rare that a cop would drive a truck, but the truck is one of the most destructive vehicles on the road that they could use in such scenario.

In this game, you need to drive over anything on your path and destroy it. People on the road aren't innocent bystanders as these guys are thugs. You need to get to the finish line in the least possible time. This game allows you to go back to the previous area. The more destruction there is, the more points you get. The game gets more challenging as you move from one level to another since surrounding would be much tougher than before.