Kumbhakarna Food

Kumbhakarna is a giant with a voracious appetite. He will feast on the people, if no one will give him enough food. The people already tried to bring him down with the army, but the latter can't do anything about the giant. The people has no choice, but to feed Kumbhakarna. Every day, the giant is getting hungrier. The government has a located some funds for feeding the giant because they know that the giant will start eating the people. When that happens, the whole country and even the world is in danger as the giant will eat every last of the people.

The game is played via mouse and it is interactive. The idea here is to keep on feeding the giant. As you progress in the game, the giant gets hungrier. You need to bring in more food to him before he gets hungry. You'll earn points after every level and you can use it to buy more trucks for delivering the food to the giant. You need to work fast as the food level quickly goes down if the giant is not fed. Try to give him diverse food, so that the giant won't get tired of eating.