Who wants to play with legos? I fund this game while surfing on the net. I think you will like it. As you understand from the name of game, you are going to race with your opponent during the way. First of all you need to wait for a while to load the game. Then you can see the instructions about "HOW TO PLAY" by clicking on this button. If you know the game controls you can click on "START GAME" button to start the game. Let's look at the how to play this game... There are 3 rounds on the game. You should beat your opponent to move to a new round. When you fail, you can start round. If you beat your opponent tou will be the champion of Lego Reces. You should remember that your opponent is a proffessional racer. So it is not easy to beat him. You can move your car with the "ARROW KEYS" Move left with "LEFT ARROW KEY", right with "RIGHT ARROW KEY". Use the "UP ARROW KEY" to speed up. You can slow down with the "DOWN ARROW KEY" You are going to see some obstacles during the way. Pay attention to not to crash your car. Because if you crash, your car will broken down and you can not complete the race. Furthermore, you are going to meet to the things which can help you on the game. For example "REPAIR" "???" and "SPEED BOOST". If you pass from the "SPEED BOOST" you will speed up. So you are going to have a chance to beat your opponent. Have fun with this RACING GAME on "TRUCK GAMES"