Lethal Race

If you want some real challenge then you need to participate in a race since most of the people are there are daredevil. They don't care about whatever happens to them. Of course, you do understand that it is not true since they would do all things that would make them safe like upgrade their vehicle and the likes. They are specially train for the race and they pray that nothing bad happens to them. No one would be crazy to put their lives in danger without preparing for it. That would be stupid. They have trained for the event months ahead, so they are well prepared for it.

In this game, you would need to go on a dangerous path as you would be the daredevil racer. You would compete in a dangerous race since the obstacles here are a real killer. Based on your ranking in the race, you would get some reward money. You can use the money to upgrade your car in any way you want. The game would be much tougher than before, so you need to upgrade if you want to go further in this game. You can use any means to get rid of your rivals since they would also do that to you.